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Skype over Satellite

Some avid mountain climbers decided to do a test drive using Skype over a satellite data connection (RBGAN satellite modem). Since they were charged per megabyte and not per minute they did some rough calculations to see if there were still any price savings using Skype over a data connection over satellite as opposed to a voice connection over satellite. But regardless if they save any money, to think of a mountain climber wearing a bluetooth headset communicating with a Skype client on a PDA or smartphone is just too cool for words!

Although according to this article they were using a laptop, so I assume they made Skype calls from the laptop when they were camped in a tent. It would be even cooler if they could be actively climbing and make/receive Skype calls using a more portable device in their pocket.

Of course talking while climbing could be more dangerous than cellphone drivers. But the way I look at it, mountain climbers are a pretty crazy bunch.. so that's one way to help eliminate the 'crazy' gene from the human gene pool - my sick form of Darwinism. I'm kidding of course...

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