Skype Trojan update

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Skype Trojan update

According to ZDNet, a Trojan horse, a variant of IRCbot, has been circulating on the Internet in an e-mail purporting to be an update to Skype. Yet another social engineering trick to try and get you to open the attachment. Lately I've been getting a flurry of purportedly from Paypal but they are obviously fraudulent emails.

If you open the Skype "update" attachment, it displays a phony installation error message and installs its payload. It also blocks access to security updates and installs a back door on computers.

It's not widespread, nor do I think this virus will become widespread. Most Skype users are pretty technically savvy, so I doubt they'd be stupid enough to open the attachment. And if they do, well... they get their just reward! ;)

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