SkypeKit SDK adds Skype to Just About Anything

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SkypeKit SDK adds Skype to Just About Anything

SkypeKit.pngSkype today announced that soon every Internet connected device can now become a Skype endpoint with the addition of the SkypeKit SDK. The Panasonic line of TVs that integrated Skype used an early version of SkypeKit (as well as LG and Samsung TVs). Other connected devices like wireless picture frames could soon be Skype-enabled. The SDK will leverage Skype's wideband SILK codec. Skype explains it as follows:

The long-standing Skype Public API is a solution for accessories such as headsets and webcams that connect to Skype's standard desktop clients. But for years, developers have been looking for a solution that works WITHOUT a Skype desktop application. Enter SkypeKit. Think of SkypeKit as a "headless" version of Skype - that is, a Skype client with no user interface that runs invisibly, not only on PCs, but also TVs, notebooks, and other connected devices. Developers communicate with SkypeKit through the SkypeKit API, surfacing Skype calls through their own applications.

Some important points:
  • SkypeKit will initially be available as a beta on an invitation only basis.
  • SkypeKit for consumer electronic device makers will be available tomorrow, June 23, based on the Linux OS. For desktop software developers, SkypeKit will be available for Windows and Mac in the next few weeks.
  • SkypeKit will not only include a robust set of APIs for a variety of popular Skype features, including voice and video calling and instant messaging, it will also deliver Skype's signature super wideband audio, based on the SILK codec.
  • In addition, developers who use SkypeKit will be able to describe them as "plugged into Skype."

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