SkyStone Video Enables Video Skype Gateway

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SkyStone Video Enables Video Skype Gateway

Stonevoice has created SkyStone Video, a unique Skype-gateway product that allows video communications between enterprise video solutions from vendors such as Cisco, Sony, and Polycom and the popular Skype software. There are several voice over ip-to-Skype gateways, but this marks the first time someone has created a Video-to-Skype gateway that "bridges" the gap between high quality enterprise video conferencing solutions and Skype.

"Video has become a fundamental need in the day-by-day communications. The technology is now ready to handle video calls and conference calls; however, one fundamental element was missing to take it to the next level: simplicity - says Christian Bongiovanni, CEO of StoneVoice - today, ahead of competition, Stonevoice, has demonstrated its technical excellence and strategic thinking by releasing a unique product worldwide: SkyStone Video that allows standard based video solution interfacing with the Skype world, bringing excellent quality, rich and mobile communications, with extreme simplicity!"

With Skystone Video, Stonevoice has eliminated the Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business barriers. Today a user can call a business partner, a mobile employee or a customer on their Skype account and do video calls and conference calls, as simply as if they were placing a standard call (for instance through speed-dials). Furthermore, combining Skystone Video with Meetnow, Stonevoice branded software MCU, conference calls can be done with internal and external parties without the security - VPN barrier, providing a WEB 2.0 service accessible from anywhere with any device to everybody.

Skystone Video is available for early testing on

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