Speakables for Windows now available

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Speakables for Windows now available

A Windows shareware version of the Speakables software application that ets users "Skype" by voice command has been released. Speakables, offers several voice control solutions for many popular applications such as iPhoto and iTunes. Ironically, they announced the release of the Windows version of Speakables for Skype after their recent release for Mac OS X.  Isn't it usually the other way around? Bout time some software developers showed the Mac some respect.

Speakables for Skype works by enabling users to use the service remotely, away from their PCs using speech. Users can create simple voice commands for their Skype contacts and initiate calls by just saying the person’s name. Skype users will also be able to answer calls and disconnect ongoing calls remotely by simple voice command.

According to their press release:

"In addition to controlling Skype, the software provides full PC voice control, letting users create any commands they want. The program includes a small list of commands already installed for accessing popular programs like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook, and the convenience of importing complete command sets for these and other popular Windows programs, as desired. Users may also control PC-based PVR/DVR’s using Speakables’ voice command capabilities –further reinforcing the company’s focus on providing voice control for digital home applications."

"Voice command is the killer app for the digital home. We are extending its use from what was primarily a productivity tool to controlling entertainment oriented computer applications away from the desktop, in relaxed areas of the home like the living room or bedroom," says Factor. "The intention being that in these relaxed areas, it can be more convenient and of course more impressive to use voice command than other input devices."

The company is introducing a free 30 day trial version of Speakables for Skype for Windows to encourage increased adoption of computer-based VoIP, and convergence to the Mac/PC as the central hub of entertainment media in the digital home.

Speakables for Skype for Windows follows a recent announcement by the company to begin offering the Plantronics CS50-USB wireless headset as part of a complete wireless VOIP solution. In combination with wireless headsets such as the CS50-USB and Bluetooth, users have even more freedom, controlling their PCs via voice command while roaming up to 200ft. away from their computers.

Pricing and Availability

Speakables for Skype (for Windows XP) is immediately available for download as a free 30 day trial from the Speakables website at www.speakables.com. And then $14 to purchase via an "activation" tab on the application.

About Speakables

Speakables provides voice recognition software for the Mac and PC. Targeted to the digital home market, and with an emphasis on entertainment use, Speakables encourages consumers to converge their home entertainment media to their computers, by making it more convenient and impressive to control their computers in relaxed areas of the home, away from the desktop. 

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