Social Networking 2.0 Brings Businesses Into the Fold

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Social Networking 2.0 Brings Businesses Into the Fold

Social networking exploded in 2010 resulting in Facebook social networking traffic surpassing Google search traffic. What's the main difference between Facebook traffic and Google traffic? Facebook is about sharing content with groups - family, friends, and co-workers, while Google is a solo affair with individuals reading interesting stories and finding out information. People naturally want to build associations and connections with other people, which is why social networking has exploded. Facebook made it easy to share statuses, photos, videos, and even which stories you like. The one component missing in the Facebook equation is how your business can leverage Facebook to interact with your customers, improve customer service and customer loyalty. Rich Tehrani touches upon this issue in his article Facebook Worth $50B, Where is your Social CRM Strategy?

2011 could be the year businesses leverage social networking to improve their bottom line. Shall we call this Social Networking 2.0? Already many businesses are using Twitter to promote their product or service. Sometimes not in a very subtle way - spamming Twitter in hopes someone might come across it via the Twitter search engine. Facebook is a tougher nut to crack because each social circle is 'private', so businesses can't necessarily market to these private social circles.

However, there are ways businesses can get their message out via Facebook. One way is by having a page that users can "Like". Then when businesses publish something new, it will appear in the users' newsfeeds. Of course, there are challenges getting people to "Like" your Facebook page, especially smaller companies. You can learn how to address these challenges at SocialCRM Expo taking place February 2-4 in Miami, FL. Check out this graphic, which describes this show in a nutshell:

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