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Spirit VoIP Conferencing

Just a quick VoIP conferencing product announcement to share.

New SPIRIT software provides more talk at better clarity and lower cost
November 23, – SPIRIT (www.spiritdsp.com/voip), the leading supplier of embedded software products for telecom and VoIP, announces Multi-PASS - a new software product targeted for PC-based VoIP communication.

SPIRIT Multi-PASS is an advanced conferencing solution providing both server-based and serverless peer-to-peer and multipoint conferencing. SPIRIT Multi-PASS enables any number of conferences and unlimited number of participants per conference without degradation of speech quality and user experience. So speech clarity is preserved even for multi-user conferences, as in a face-to-face conversation.

SPIRIT Multi-PASS is based on Prosodic Active Speaker Selection (PASS) algorithm. Analysis of prosodic speech characteristics combined with dynamic utterance modeling makes speakers activity estimation more accurate. The analysis is performed on each speaker’s side and does not load server CPU. In accordance with the compact PASS info, conferencing engine directly passes voice data from active speakers to other participants. SPIRIT Multi-PASS doesn’t require participants to have broad bandwidth. Due to smart traffic channeling, voice traffic and channel usage are optimized to reduce CPU load.

SPIRIT Multi-PASS ensures that each speaker is getting the best chance/time to speak, to be heard, and to hear all the meaningful speech of others.

"SPIRIT PC-based VoIP solution is targeted to offer better-than-PSTN quality at low cost", - says Andrew Sviridenko, founding CEO of SPIRIT. "Following this strategy, SPIRIT Multi-PASS is an additional feature to provide executive-level conferencing quality, optimized traffic and channel usage, and reduced costs of multi-user support. All these features significantly cut operator and enterprise expenses"

SPIRIT VoIP PC-based conferencing

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