Ariel Atom 2 Car

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Ariel Atom 2 Car

Holy! This car is sick! The acceleration of the Ariel Atom 2 makes my Viper look like a Pinto in comparison! This car is an engineering feat created from a company with... get this... only 7 employees! You have to check out this video - 42MB file though - you have been forewarned - you'd better have broadband. Ok, I couldn't resist including a short snippet/clip of the video in my blog as a "teaser". Here's a 59s 5.7MB clip I created from the original. (it should autoplay)

Ariel Atom 2 Roadster

As seen in the pic above, it's a lightweight roadster powered by a supercharged Honda Civic Type R engine. Thats 300 bhp pushing just over 500kg around. This is about as close to a street-legal F1 car as you can get. 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. I read a webpage where someone commented, "I about fell off my chair laughing when he said that" on the video. I'm with him! Unbelievable accerlaration Although I was drinking coffee at the time and nearly expelled it at hearing this car's stats. Further, during one part of the video the guy's face ripples and distorts from the G-forces (and wind) which make the astronauts' testing centrifuge look like a walk in the park!

Here's another photo. Note that there are no doors (just bars) and no windshield.

You must check out the full video. You'll thank me later. Trust me.

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