Bluetooth Headsets Everywhere

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Bluetooth Headsets Everywhere

Bluetooth headsets have reached critical mass - or at least I think so. Let me give you an example of why I think Bluetooth headsets, specifically the one-ear piece Bluetooth headsets are a fast growing technology. Last week, I was in 3 different airports and I couldn't believe how many people I saw walking in each of these airports with their Bluetooth headsets on their ears. Further, as far as I could tell, these Bluetooth headset wearers weren't even on a phone call. They were wearing the headset just like any other piece of clothing or jewelry - perhaps somewhat of a tech-fashion statement since many of these Bluetooth headsets run in the hundreds of dollars. Not to sound sexist, but usually the uber-geeks are male, so I was pleasantly surprised to see several females wearing Bluetooth headsets.

I couldn't help but be reminded of Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura with the ear piece she wore while sitting at the comm station. Although, her ear piece is much larger than Bluetooth headsets that exist already today in the 21st and not the 24th Star Trekkian century. Guess even Gene Roddenbery couldn't predict how fast miniaturization technology would progress.

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