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Click: Now That's Total Control

You gotta love the premise of the Sony Pictures movie Click that opens in June -- that life can be controlled by a remote control, just like TV.  Adam Sandler (he can be very funny) operates that colorful and surprising simply laid out "Life Menu" remote (so few buttons! two in a row, four rows), pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding as necessary to improve the quality of his life. Those close to him also apparently benefit too as evidenced by the “baseball catch” clip that aired during the Grammy Awards.

I’d rate this a “must watch” video or PPV choice, meaning don’t know if it’d be worth the multiple prices of admission at the local movie theater – not to mention the cost of the essential “King Kong”-size combo food snack.  (Doesn’t popcorn just taste better at the movie theater?)

Anyway, I digress. Click looks like fun. Write your own review when/if you see it. (Would you add any buttons?)  And where do you pick up that remote?

Oh by the way, the essential buttons (according to Click) are:

  • Play
  • Mute
  • Delete
  • Pause
  • FF
  • Slo-Mo
  • Skip
  • Rewind

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