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Firefox Tabbed Browsing

Firefox is a great alternative to Internet Explorer, but I have yet to fully switch to Firefox for a few reasons. My main complaint with Firefox was that it doesn't support saving your session, including all your opened tabs and windows. Ok, neither does Internet Explorer you are probably thinking - it doesn't have tabbed browsing (though IE 7 will). Well, that would be true except I use the free Avant Browser which uses the Internet Explorer 6.0 engine but adds tabbed browsing as well as session saving and it leverages IE's History and Favorites. So when I have to reboot my PC or Avante Browser crashes (which it does & usually when I Ctrl-F to search for something on the page) when I reload Avante Browser, all of my browser tabs I had open before will open automatically. The tabs are automatically saved when I exit or when Avante Browser crashes.

I use tabbed browsing quite extensively. It is not unusual for me to have 12 tabs open in Avante browser and another 12 tabs open in Firefox. The reason why I have 24 tabs is each one of these tabs is a "to do" item that only gets closed when I've completed the "to do". For instance, I may have web page open explaining how to solve a technical issue with MovableType I need to resolve, another web page open with contact information for a VoIP product I want to review, yet another web page open for a blog I want to read on my lunch break, etc.

I yearned to consolidate my browsing to just a single browser, but alas, Firefox just didn't have all the features I needed, and in particular saving my tabs when exiting Firefox. I usually have Firefox and Avante Browser open simultaneously throughout the day. I've wanted to switch entirely to Firefox, but like I said, it doesn't save your session. So if I want to reboot my PC for any reason, I have to either bookmark the 12 Firefox windows into a temporary bookmark folder and re-open them (tedious) or copy/paste the URLs into Avante Browser and let Avante remember where I was.

But I underestimated the loyal Firefox following! I found a few session saving plugins for Firefox and I settled on SessionSaver I think when I last looked for a plugin like this several months ago, I couldn't find one, so I gave up. If you like, you can view the description of SessionSaver on Mozilla's site and download SessionSaver as well.

Might be time to make the full cut-over to Firefox. Now I just need to consolidate my IE/Avante favorites into Firefox and de-dupe. Although, I still have other Firefox complaints and I plan on writing a Firefox rant hopefully today or on the weekend.

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