Fix Old Extensions to Work in Firefox 1.5

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Fix Old Extensions to Work in Firefox 1.5

A friend of mine told me he recently installed Firefox 1.5 beta 1. He told me about a problem he was having with one of his favorite Firefox extensions / plugins, namely Paste and Go, which wouldn't work with the new Firefox 1.5 beta 1. It was such an important extension that he actually uninstalled Firefox 1.5 beta 1 and went back to an older version. Thus, many of our "must have" extensions don't yet work on Firefox 1.5 beta 1.

I found a trick to make Firefox 1.0 extensions work in Firefox 1.5. (credit to The Extensions Mirror,, and Evan Koblentz for this tip)

  1. In the Firefox URL type: about:config This will show you a list of Firefox preferences.
  2. Right click on the list, select New > String
  3. At preference name enter "app.extensions.version" (no quotes).
  4. Then, enter "1.0" (without quotes) as the value for app.extensions.version
  5. Restart Firefox and enable the disabled Firefox extensions.
  6. Restart Firefox again to activate the extensions.
I should point out that some of the extensions will not work in Firefox 1.5 and will cause errors when you enable them. Simply disable the malfunctioning Firefox plugins.

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