Free WiFi a God given right?

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Free WiFi a God given right?

I was just checking out Ubergizmo, and they posted a story about the San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom declaring that Wifi connectivity is a 'fundamental right', the equal of food, clothing, and shelter. This is the same mayor who shortly after he was elected permitted same sex marriages to take place in City Hall which stirred a political storm and made him a national celebrity after previously being unknown..

In any case, Newcom envisions an "affordable" Wi-Fi network covering the 43 hills, and 49 square miles of San Francisco, with Google as one of the bidders. Whether or not this is simply another "publicity stunt" on Newsom's part or if he legitimately wants free WiFi for all San Franciscans remains to be seen, but they apparently have $200 million extra to burn.

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