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Technology and Science

Technology and Science

Share USB devices over IP network

November 4, 2005

Ever want to share a USB device on your local area network or even across the Internet? With the proliferation of USB devices such as USB flash drives, scanners, cameras, USB HIDs, printers, etc. being able to "network-enable" these devices is a nice capability to have.

Sure, Silex and Keyspan offer hardware-based solutions to share your USB devices, but what if you're looking for a software-based USB-sharing solution? Well, look no further than IntelliDriver's USB@nywhere software solution.

Newspapers are a dying breed

November 1, 2005

Newspapers are continuing their downward spiral of advertising revenue due to increasing pressure from online news sources, including blogs, according to MediaPost which quotes a WallStreet report.

IT'S OFFICIAL: 2005 WILL BE the newspaper industry's worst year since the last ad industry recession. And things aren't looking much better for next year either, according to a top Wall Street firm's report on newspaper publishing. "Sadly, 2005 is shaping up as the industry's worst year from a revenue growth perspective since the recession impacted 2001-2002 period," says the report from Goldman Sachs, adding a warning that meaningful growth in 2006 is "very unlikely." more...

Newspapers are the least visually pleasing of any news media since there is little if any color and they aren't interactive. The days of Al Bundy carrying his trusty newspaper to the "john" are over my friend -- and I say this a good thing.

AskMeNow Launches

October 31, 2005

AskMeNow's AskAnything service is designed to answer just about any question for which the answer can be found on the Internet. The product reminds me of the TellMe service, which leverages the Internet and telephone network underneath a speech user interface. According to TellMe, over two million callers use their applications to obtain customer service, connect to a directory assistance listing, or check the latest sports scores.

AskMeNow appears to be a bit different in that it doesn't leverage speech recognition as far as I can tell. I believe they use customer agents to process your questions and send you back the results.

HDTV is growing

October 31, 2005

According to Park Associates, HDTV sales in the U.S. will grow 71% by 2009. Gee, you couldn't fool me. I have a 65" Mitsubishi television at home and my cable provider (Charter) still only offers me 4 HDTV channels via their set-top box.

Broadband choices in America

October 17, 2005

Palm TX and Palm Z22 handhelds

October 12, 2005

Palm launched their TX and the Z22 handhelds today. The Palm Z22 is an especially affordable PDA at just under the $100 mark ($99). (The Palm TX is $299.) It also appears that Palm dropped the names Zire and Tungsten. The Palm TX is targeted at mobile professionals and includes a large display, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The fracturing of the Internet

October 7, 2005

Sadly, the fracturing of the Internet has begun.

First, we have Level 3 and Cogent Communications, two major Internet backbone providers bickering - they've cut off peering Internet traffic to each other. From ZDNet:

Two major Internet backbone companies are feuding, potentially cutting off significant swaths of the Internet for some of each other's customers.

On Wednesday, network company Level 3 Communications cut off its direct "peering" connections to another big network company called Cogent Communications. That technical action means that some customers on each company's network now will find it impossible, or slower, to get to Web sites on the other company's network. more...

Then you have instances of ISPs blocking VoIP traffic.

AOL offers presence to bloggers

October 6, 2005

AOL seems to have its sights set on the blogosphere. After the news today of AOL purchasing Weblogs, Inc, AOL is now offering online presence capability for its millions of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) users to be use in conjunction with online blogs. As part of promoting this new feature, AOL has partnered with Six Apart (MovableType & TypePad), Facebook, Inc., LinkedIn Corporation., and I should mention that Skype already offers the capability to show your presence on a web page.

FTTH Jealousy

October 4, 2005

Just got this news release on a FTTH deployment that includes IPTV, voice, video, video-on-demand, HDTV, ludicrous 100 Mbps Internet speeds, and more. Man, my cable broadband is starting to look like lame dial-up when I read news releases like this!

Optical Entertainment Network (OEN) announced today their plans to deploy fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to over 1,600,000 households in Houston, Texas, the 10th largest television market in the U.S. The company, who has partnered with leading European and North American vendors plans to launch its United States service offering in December 2005 and begin European operations in Q2 of 2006.

The company has designed the first truly integrated IPTV service for Video, 10 to 100 Mbps Internet, Voice, Video-on-Demand (VOD) and other broadband applications such as, Home Security, videoconferencing and telemedicine.

First city to deploy broadband over powerline goes live

October 4, 2005

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