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Technology and Science

Technology and Science

PICMG Releases new CompactPCI Express Specification

August 9, 2005

This new CompactPCI specification affects VoIP hardware. From the news wires - PICMG has released the CompactPCI Express Specification denoted EXP.0. CompactPCI Express brings PCI Express technology to the popular PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI form factor, while maintaining compatibility with CompactPCI hardware and software.

More than 40 companies participated in the CompactPCI Express specification development process. The participating companies worked to develop a specification that would meet the future market needs of the CompactPCI, PXI, military, and aerospace markets.

Home Networking Gear Jumps to $21 billion

August 9, 2005

According to In-Stat, revenue derived from annual networking hardware shipments and from equipment that incorporates a home networking connection will jump from almost $9 billion in 2004 to over $21 billion in 2009. Wow, guess I'd better go buy some Linksys, NetGear, and D-Link stock!

According to Instat:
A push for higher speeds, lower prices, and increasing network areas in the home is driving the market, the high-tech market research firm says. However, one highly touted use, the storage and streaming of multimedia files, may take years to catch on with the mass consumer.

“Our research shows that there is growing interest among US consumers to use home networks to connect their increasing library of digital entertainment audio and video files with their traditional entertainment equipment (i.e.

AOL Wireless

August 8, 2005

AOL is breaking into the wireless space via their Wildseed, Ltd. acquisition, a provider of advanced wireless technologies and is also forming an expanded AOL Wireless division. It's an innovative technology that uses a small chip embedded on a SmartSkin which you simply snap onto your mobile phone. However, as far as I can tell, their "SmartSkin" technology only works with specific mobile phones made by Curitel, a Korean-based mobile phone manufacturer, but according to their website, they are looking for more mobile partners.

This acquisition certainly fits AOL's "provide the best or unique content" mantra.

Secret Agent outed by Karl Rove?

July 27, 2005

No, this isn't a political post, just some news from Information Security Corporation (ISC) who announced the immediate availability of SecretAgent 5.9, the latest version of its file encryption and digital signature utility. SecretAgent 5.9 adds four significant enhancements: the ability to replace recipients on existing encrypted archives, support for server-mediated decryption using SecretAgent Document Access Servlet (DAS), optional plaintext disposition controls, and support for Entrust profiles.

Widely recognized for its ease of use, scalability, interoperability, and platform independence, SecretAgent ensures the confidentiality and authenticity of sensitive files whether they are stored on a local hard drive or transmitted between systems, with or without a formal PKI. In an enterprise setting, SecretAgent supports centralized security policy and software updating, emergency key recovery, as well as state-of-the-art PKI and LDAP directory support. Support for DAS-mediated decryption allows sensitive documents to be easily shared among the members of one or more Communities of Interest.

“SecretAgent has helped our government and corporate customers protect their most sensitive data for over a decade.” said ISC President Thomas J. Venn.

“SecretAgent 5.9 represents the beginning of a transformation from simple file encryption and digital signature utilities to secure document sharing applications that allows users to seamlessly access data to which they’ve been granted access whether individually or as a member of a group.

Verizon Supportsoft Deal

July 26, 2005

Supportsoft is going to announce a major deal with Verizon aftermarket today in conjunction with the company’s second quarter 2005 earnings. Verizon has nearly 4 million high-speed data subscribers, and they have selected SupportSoft’s SmartAccess software to assist in automating the installation process for new data customers for their DSL and fiber-based high-speed data services.

SmartAccess, is a Web-based technology which automates installation of a high-speed connection by eliminating the need for an installation CD. The software lets Verizon subscribers determine if their computer system qualifies for a high-speed connection and, if so, speeds installation by automating the activation process. Everything needed for a successful installation can be managed online, reducing time-consuming expensive customer calls and truck rolls to the customer premises.

Sensory Speech Recognition on a Chip

July 25, 2005

With minitiarized speech-recognition capability squeezed onto a single chip, it won't be long know before you can speak to your TV and command it to record a TV show, speak to your car and have it follow your commands (ala Knight Rider). Actually, I was recently in a Mercedes that featured speech-recognition for phone dialing. In any case, there are lots of possibilities for speech-recognition in smaller devices, which requires a lot of horsepower in a single chip..

Sensory, Inc., a leader in embedded speech technologies, today released the VR Stamp module, providing easy integration of voice recognition (VR) into consumer, industrial, automotive and medical electronics. The heart of the VR Stamp module is the RSC-4128 integrated circuit, the latest member of Sensory's RSC Family of mixed signal processors that provide speech recognition, synthesis and system control on a single chip.

Download Movies at the Movies!

July 20, 2005

Looks like while your standing in line getting your popcorn and candy you can now download content, including movie trailers via Bluetooth. Hmmm, at the movies downloading movies? As a programmer, I can't help but think of recursion.

Twentieth Century Fox and Loews Theatres will be offering free content from Fox’s summer blockbusters, in select Loews theatres. Fox and Loews are utilizing WideRay's technology, a provider of on-location content distribution platforms, to provide the technology that will power the fast, free and simple in-theatre download stations and back-end content management system.

Google Maps Beats a Ticket

July 19, 2005

Google Maps came to the rescue of this guy in court and helped him beat the rap for “disobeying a steady red”, a.k.a. running a red light. The officer who issued the ticket told the judge that Edwin was driving down a one way street when he supposedly ran a red light. Edwin told the judge that this was incorrect - that it was in fact a two-way street.

Lacie Biggest S2S 2.5TB

July 19, 2005

LaCie unveiled its Biggest S2S 2.5TB SATA II RAID Tower, which is a whopping 2.5GB five-bay RAID tower capable of reaching interface speeds of 3Gb/s with next generation serial ATA (SATA) technology. You want storage for all your digital media files? This baby's got it. You want speed?

AIMFight Takes Flight

July 18, 2005

Even wonder how popular you really are? That is, how do you compare number-wise for the number of buddies you have on your AOL Buddy list vs. another person?

Well, AOL decided to let you know just how popular you are. Personally, I find this capability a bit intrusive.

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