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Technology and Science

Technology and Science

Do you see what I see? A star, a star, dancing in the night...

July 12, 2004

Why the Christmas carol? Well, researchers have come up with a way to use a camera to capture the image in your eye to see what you you are looking at. Useful applications could include: Seeing if your husband is indeed checking out the woman walking past, security applications, and more.

Currently, it involves using a high-resolution digital camera to snap a close-up of a face, though with optical and digital zoom capabilities getting better all the time, one day it is possible that cameras from a distance can determine what you are looking at.

A fast hydrogen-powered Viper, a really fast hot dog-eater, and a not-so fast Segway

July 8, 2004

There are many new forms of transportation technologies and alternative fuels being invented. Unfortunately, not fast enough for me considering my Dodge Viper eats ridiculously priced $2.49/gallon premium fuel faster than Takeru Kobayashi eats hot dogs.

In case you haven't heard about Kobayashi, the dimunitive Japanese citizen ate 53 ½ hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes breaking his own world record at the annual Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. Not only did he win his forth consecutive time in a row, but he won these four times on July 4th, Independence Day no less! A Japanese citizen winning a hot dog eating contest on an American holiday?

1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

June 25, 2004

The Ghost in the Machine...

June 25, 2004

Do you hear your PC dialing out when you're not even trying to connect to the Net? Do you hear mysterious touch tone digits being dialed at 2 in the morning? Are you wondering perhaps if there is a ghost in your machine? (btw, if interested in a thought-provoking book, check out 'The Ghost in the Machine')

Or perhaps when you try to connect to the Internet over your dial-up modem, it won't connect for some reason?

Bob Bemer, a computer legend dies

June 24, 2004

Ever since 6th grade I have been fascinated with computers. One of the first things I learned was the ASCII chart (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). I knew that the alphabet started with decimal 65 (letter 'A') and ended with decimal 90 (letter 'Z').

Special characters such as a space was 32 and a carriage return was 13.

Free city-wide WiFi for Spokane

June 24, 2004

Comdex cancels show!

June 23, 2004

Wow, I'm in utter shock that Comdex has cancelled their Fall Las Vegas show. I've been to that show many times over the years. Sure it has had its up and downs, especially with the .com bubble burst, but it is still considerd "the IT show" to attend for staying informed on general IT-related stuff.

You can check out their news release on Comdex's web site, which simply calls it a "postponement" by stating "MediaLive International, Inc. today announced that COMDEX® Las Vegas 2004 has been postponed in order to reshape the event with the cooperation of information technology (IT) industry leaders.

Spam sending PCs kicked offline

June 23, 2004

Almost nobody hates spam more than I do. I have like four layers of anti-spam protection running on my PC, including RBL (realtime black lists), iHateSpam, CloudMark, and an anti-spam software installed on our Exchange Server.

I wrote a column about my "spam rage" recently, which you can check out here.

Recently, major ISPs have announced plans to TURN OFF Internet access to any zombie PCs sending out spam.

Indoor 3G wireless from LGC Wireless

June 21, 2004

Disney World Report

May 19, 2004

Well I'm back from Disney World. It was a much more pleasant experience than August 2003 which was muggy, hot, and long lines at the attractions.

This time my wife and I did our homework. We got to the parks at the opening (instead of sleeping in late), used the FastPass system efficiently this time around, and were able to cover an entire park by 1:30pm each day and then go back to the hotel and relax by the pool.

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