Marko Rodin Smart Laser - Coolest Use of Lasers Ever!

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Marko Rodin Smart Laser - Coolest Use of Lasers Ever!


You won't believe how cool the Marko Rodin "Smart Laser" technology is. Imagine a red laser that is intelligent enough to follow paths that you draw with a marker? Now imagine you can play a game of air hockey, except without the air and without the need for a puck. Airless Hockey, anyone? Or shall it be called Laser Hockey?

Sure, lasers that shoot ICBMs out of the sky is cool and all, but alas we won't get to play with those kinds of lasers anytime soon. Pen lasers are cool, just don't aim any at overflying planes. Big no no! Even having your cat chase a red dot and playing cat laser bowling gets old after awhile. If you haven't already you can watch the viral cat laser video bowling here:

But we're not talking about cat laser bowling here - this laser action is way cooler. I'll let these two videos do all the explaining. Play both of them. It's well worth it.popcorn-icon

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