Microsoft Media Player 10 - Apple iTunes killer?

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Microsoft Media Player 10 - Apple iTunes killer?

MIcrosoft Media Player 10

Microsoft launched their new Media Player 10 today which they are positioning as an "iTunes killer". As a proud new owner of a 20gb iPod and iTunes user, we'll just see about that.

Microsoft did make some improvements to Media Player, including finally the ability to rip CDs to MP3 format - before you had to buy a plug-in or rip to Microsoft's proprietary .wma format.

They also finally decided to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) their Media Player by having intuitive tabs that include: Now Playing, Library, Rip, Burn and Guide.

It includes integration with Microsoft's newly launched MSN Music where you can download songs for $0.99 cents. Once again Apple was first with something cool - a successful download music store - let's see if Apple loses this music battle versus Microsoft.

It wouldn't hurt if Microsoft did what Real did and found a way to "hack" the iPod so RealPlayer could download songs into the iPod. I might be willing to try MSN Music if it integrates with my Apple iPod.

You can read about it more here, as well as some other media-type products Microsoft has announced:
MSNBC - A video 'iPod' from Microsoft

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