New WiFi standards causing me upgraditis

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New WiFi standards causing me upgraditis

Years ago I was ribbed by my fellow IT friends and coworkers for always wanting to have the latest and greatest technology - whether it was the latest 3dFx Voodoo video card (now defunct) or the latest PC, or the latest software and patches, I had a serious case of upgraditis - an incurable condition that causes you to want to upgrade and have the best technology out there.

My upgraditis went into "remission" for a few years. My PC was fast enough, the video card did what I needed it to do, i was happy. But then along came Wifi wireless access to the Internet which caused my upgraditis to come back with a vengeance. For instance, my old laptop had a PCMCIA Lucent 802.11b card, but then I got a newer laptop with the faster 802.11a standard which was built-in, saving me a PCMCIA slot for a GPRS card or other accessories.

So recently re-reading about Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG 802.11g Centrino for laptops just makes me cringe. Do I ebay my current laptop and upgrade again? Somewhere there is a cure for upgraditis, i just haven't found it. Please help!

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