Rotani Solves WiFi Interference

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Rotani Solves WiFi Interference

WiFi Interference problemRotani claims to have solved the issue of WiFi interference, thus allowing for better performance for gaming, video streaming, and VoIP applications. In fact, they told TMC, "AirReferee is a turnkey access point reference design, providing the uninterrupted throughput needed for multiple video streams, online gaming, VoIP and other latency and throughput-sensitive applications"

According to Rotani, "There are emerging products/technologies that address the problem of throughput and maximize the speed from the Access Point to a Client. In pristine wireless networking environments they perform well. However, when faced with interference (noise) from other WiFi networks or other devices (a more realistic situation) the performance drops dramatically."

Their AirReferee technology solves inference, making wireless networks scalable. AirReferee sustains radio performance, providing a consistent high-quality link to multiple clients simultaneously. They claim that AirReferee improves 802.11a/b/g product performance by 8 times in real-life conditions, supporting wireless high-quality video networking.

Of course, their reference design has to be implemented in Access Points by the "big boys". Are you reading this Linksys, NetGear, D-Link, SMC?

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