Share USB devices over IP network

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Share USB devices over IP network

Ever want to share a USB device on your local area network or even across the Internet? With the proliferation of USB devices such as USB flash drives, scanners, cameras, USB HIDs, printers, etc. being able to "network-enable" these devices is a nice capability to have.

Sure, Silex and Keyspan offer hardware-based solutions to share your USB devices, but what if you're looking for a software-based USB-sharing solution? Well, look no further than IntelliDriver's USB@nywhere software solution. Using their software several users can share the same equipment using any IP connection. Essentially, it works by:

  • loading device driver on server side (remote machine)
  • redirecting all USD data packets (URB) to client (where USB device installed)
  • submitting packets to real hardware.
It interfaces directly into the kernel to work its magic. It works on Windows XP and 2000 and is sold on a per-license basis with 1 license costing $17.99.

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