Sirius Censorship

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Sirius Censorship

Sirius Satellite Radio is now censoring their broadcasts? Who would have thought that Sirius, which made a name for itself by signing the controversial Howard Stern to its radio line-up (after the FCC fined Howard and forced him to go to satellite radio) would decide to censor its broadcasts?

Well, if my tip is correct, this is indeed the case. According to my source, he is a daily listener of Alt-Nation Sirius 21 and all of a sudden swear words, vulgarity, etc. was "bleeped out". He points out that Sprint and Sirius just partnered up to offer satellite radio over the phones. Apparently, Sprint didn't like the explicit lingo and had Sirius censor their own channels despite their subscribers. He also confirmed it by talking with Sirius's customer service.

Now, this isn't technically "censoring" of the satellite feed that you receive in your Sirius car receiver, but if Sirius is offering their infamously "uncensored" content to third parties such as Sprint, why would the Sirius subscribers think any differently? They would expect the same level of non-censorship.

Here is an email sent to SIRIUS:
Thank you for writing us here at SIRIUS. We appreciate your comments about our censored music channels on SIRIUS. Due to our new partnership with Sprint, some of our music programming lineup will now be offering censored music. These channels include:

-Faction // Channel 28

-Alt Nation // Channel 21

-First Wave // Channel 22

-Hot Jamz // Channel 50

SIRIUS remains fully dedicated to providing an unparalleled variety of music programming on our 65 commercial free music channels in virtually every genre. Our channels are designed to please subscribers of every listening preference.

Why does Sprint care what people listen to on their phones? What if I call my wife, we get into an argument and I say the f- word? Are you going to "bleep" that out too? C'mon Sprint, you're a carrier - your job is to "carry" the voice, not censor it!

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