The Ghost in the Machine...

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The Ghost in the Machine...

Do you hear your PC dialing out when you're not even trying to connect to the Net? Do you hear mysterious touch tone digits being dialed at 2 in the morning? Are you wondering perhaps if there is a ghost in your machine? (btw, if interested in a thought-provoking book, check out 'The Ghost in the Machine')

Or perhaps when you try to connect to the Internet over your dial-up modem, it won't connect for some reason?

Well, it's not a ghost, but it could very well be a trojan planted on your PC that dials out to "premium" phone numbers (i.e. 900 numbers, international unregulated high/per minute rate numbers, etc.).

You get stuck with a nasty phone bill at the end of the month and the trojan author sits back on his/her PC and smiles as the bucks roll in.

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