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Ultimate Troubleshooter Utility

If you have trouble figuring out what tasks/processes should be running on your PC (i.e. what's good, what is unneeded, and what is downright spyware), then this utility may be just for you! The Ultimate Troubleshooter 2.51 has just been released. AnswersThatWork.com announced the latest release of their top selling PC utilities program The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

The new version 2.51 has a completely re-vamped interface with 20% more tasks, services and startups and an enhanced WHOIS lookup along with some new promotional features for TUT affiliates.

For those new to the program, The Ultimate Troubleshooter lists all the background tasks running on your PC and gives a plain language description of what they do and how much of your memory they are using. Then it gives advice as to whether you should leave them running, turn them off until you need them or delete them altogether. Any PC user can make an informed decision about any background task using the TUT system. I often just "Google" a process or running task, but for those less technically inclined, or even those are just lazy to research valid processes can find this utility useful.

Alongside the Tasks and Startups TUT also has a Hardware Inventory, a one-touch housekeeping function for all those files you picked up surfing the net and - for the techies - PING, TRACE and WHOIS.

The new version costs US$35 and can be downloaded from www.AnswersThatWork.com and other premier download sites.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter is used by the US Army, US Dept of Agriculture, the Universities of Queensland and Connecticut along with thousands of corporate and individual users. The AnswersThatWork website has also been a part of CNET's online Windows XP Management course.
Here's a screenshot of it: (Click here for better resolution)

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