No, Gremlins Didn't Eat TMCNet's Web Servers

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No, Gremlins Didn't Eat TMCNet's Web Servers

Starting tomorrow around 7am, TMC will be shutting down its entire data center and moving it to a world-class building about a mile away. So when you see, (several blogs), and various other domains going offline, no worries. Gremlins aren't chewing the wires and we're not under a DDOS attack. We'll be back up soon.

It's a major undertaking with months of planning and tomorrow is that culmination of planning as well as several man-hours building our new data center. Major props to Larry Szebeni who is the best MIS/IT support person I've had the privilege of managing in at least 4 years - perhaps ever. Larry has a great attitude, is a team player, and goes far above the bare minimum. I had one support person who showed up at 8am and left at 5pm every day even if there was something critical that had to be done that day, which basically meant I had to do it. Larry's done a superb job of planning various aspects of the new data center, ordering new equipment including racks, switches, new PCs, several 54" TVs, and more.

That said, hooking up our entire data center falls to Larry, Vahid Hashemian, and myself, since we're the only ones who know the ins and outs of our servers. Thus, this "could be" somewhat of an extended outage. Definitely will be a Friday all-nighter with pizza, Coke/Diet Coke, and maybe a few beers. Lastly, here's a shot of our new building:

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