AT&T U-Verse Batteries Exploding

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AT&T U-Verse Batteries Exploding

AT&T VRAD Uverse Explosion
AT&T just can't catch a break with their troubled U-Verse service. AT&T has to replace the lithium metal polymer batteries in the VRAD cabinets for U-Verse IPTV because four fires have occurred in various locations. 'Fire' is a bit tame of a word choice since "explosions" have occurred in Houston, Cleveland and Wisconsin. In Wisconsin it was reportedly strong enough to blow the 50-pound cabinet door off its bolts. AT&T has more than 17,000 Avestor lithium batteries in its network to power their VRAD U-verse cabinets. Unfortunately, Avestor has filed for bankruptcy and closed. What's up with lithium exploding batteries and recalls on top of more recalls, anyway? Of course those recalls were for lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Wow, imagine an entire neighborhood with no triple play communications - no VoIP, no TV, and no Internet. After dodging the flying shrapnel, I wouldn't be surprised to see a mob with pitchforks and torches headed down to the local AT&T branch.

Simpsons Mob Torches

Obviously, AT&T doesn't feel comfortable with the batteries which provide backup power to over 17,000 of its cabinets located in neighborhoods across the United States, so they are in the process of replacing them with lead-acid batteries. AT&T has declined to answer questions on the costs of the battery replacement.

AT&T Uverse Explosion

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