Mitel Series X Collaboration, Unified Communications Solution Unveiled

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Mitel Series X Collaboration, Unified Communications Solution Unveiled

Today, Mitel unveiled the next phase of its comprehensive software strategy with Mitel Series X Collaboration, showcasing Mitel's complete suite of collaboration solutions including Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UC Advanced) and the Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution. Mitel Series X aims to deliver a single solution to integrate business communications. Mitel's UC Advanced integrates your communications tools including phones, mobile devices, video conferencing, voice mail, instant messaging (IM), and email.

The sexy product within the Series X platform is Mitel TeleCollaboration, a 3-screen, high-def video conferencing solution that provides the ability to have up to 5 parties of video in a single screen without any degradation in video resolution. Mitel TeleCollaboration enables the group to view and edit documents within the application, in real time, without needing a dedicated room for the screens. It features the H.264 codec with enhancements made to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve tolerance. It sports 1080p x 1920p high definition (HD) video on 46" screens running at 30fps. It also supports wideband audio. According to Mitel, "Because it uses considerably less bandwidth than competitors (about 2.5 Mb for a full video, audio and collaboration session), Mitel's TeleCollaboration Solution saves you the expense of purchasing bandwidth guarantees. Lower bandwidth also means no need to dedicate a LAN segment." They're obviously going after Cisco TelePresence with this offering.

mitel-unified-communicator-advanced.jpg Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UCA) is a powerful communications client that integrates presence and availability, secure instant messaging, audio conferencing and web and video collaboration, document sharing and call control capabilities.

From within UC Advanced users have access to Mitel Dynamic Extension, Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing, Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging, Mitel Teleworker Solution, Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution, UC Advanced Softphone, and UC Advanced Console.

Latest UC Advanced Capabilities:
•    Evolution of Dynamic Extension - Users now have a sophisticated interface to configure up to eight devices of choice with Mitel or non-Mitel phones as extensions of the corporate network.
•    Dynamic Status - Allows users to configure their status and presence including call routing options and calendar integration.
•    Visual Voice Mail - UC Advanced integrates with NuPoint Unified Messaging to provide users with the ability to see and access their voicemails. At the same time, they can see the presence status of internal callers and respond in the appropriate manner.
•    Web and Mobile Portals - Provides access to the UC Advanced interface securely from a web browser or on a user's mobile device.
•    Business Continuity - UC Advanced also plays a critical role in organization's business continuity plans as it provides the tools to allow employees to work and collaborate regardless of location in the event of pandemics and/or natural disasters. Integrated RSS feeds also allow for mass notification.

Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution:

•    The TeleCollaboration Solution combines collaboration with multi-party, high-definition, video conferencing technology providing full visual interaction with real-time desktop sharing.
•    Being software-based, the TeleCollaboration Solution leverages legacy equipment, protects organizations' investments, and integrates available standard components.

Latest Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution Capabilities:
•    Ability to record meetings and capture snapshots of the collaboration session.
•    Inclusion of remote workers or third-party participants through a simple web browser.
•    Requires only 2.5 megs of bandwidth with the ability to adapt to network fluctuations.
•    Mitel claims it has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to similar offerings.

Pricing info:
Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced - For a 200-person company it is approximately $100/user for core UC Advanced. This price varies depending upon specific options selected for each user.

Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution - office configuration in the low $40,000s, meeting room configuration low $60,000s.

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