Ringio Launches Cloud-based 'Rich Calling' Service

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Ringio Launches Cloud-based 'Rich Calling' Service

Today, Ringio launched a new cloud-based service for small and mid-sized businesses which integrates web-based CRM and advanced telephony features. It seems a bit Google Voice-esque, but with some additional advanced CRM functionality. It works with any phone system (mobile, landline, PBX) since it leverages follow-me and call forwarding to reach your phone number. No word on number porting on their website, so I'm not sure if you have to use one of Ringio's phone numbers or if they'll port your existing number to their service.

The core app actually leverages Adobe Air. Here's a screenshot:

Features include:
- Greets contacts by name
- Treats callers according to your priorities (Normal, VIP, Blacklist)
- Remembers who the caller last spoke to
- Knows your office hours and team member availability
- With Ringio Mobile, you have the power of a high end call-center in your pocket
- Hold, transfer, redirect, deflect calls visually while on the road
- Your phone extension travels with you
- Redirect calls to another phone with one click
- All calls, your voicemails, contacts, notes, and team members at your fingertips
- Synchronized in real time with Ringio Desktop and all your team members
- Shared Corporate Address Book - One-click sharing of contacts
- Shared Customer Information -- big prospect, frequent caller, current client?
- Shared Call History - shows who the caller talked to within the company
- Team Presence - lets users know availability of team members
- Shared call-handling responsibilities

Here's the news release:

Ringio Launches New Cloud-Based 'Rich Calling' Service for SMBs

Integrates CRM, Intelligent Routing So Users See History of Interactions With Callers

SAN FRANCISCO - April 19, 2010 --Ringio, a new company founded by a group of long-time SaaS and Telephony Executives, today launched a new service for small and mid-sized businesses that brings them a combination of CRM and telephony functionality that until now has been available only through call centers and enterprise-level telephony systems.
Introduced at the Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm 2010) here, Ringio's Rich Calling service presents calls together with their contextual details, either through the service's desktop client or through its mobile version, which also debuted today for Android-based smart phones.
In studying the needs of SMBs closely, the Ringio team developed Rich Calling as a software as a service (SaaS) with an emphasis on affordability, ease of setup and elegance of presentation on users' screens - whether desktop or mobile devices. Ringio can be set up in minutes and works with users' current phones, including mobile devices, with no additional hardware or software required.
"We define 'rich calling' as bringing a telephone call and relevant information about the caller together at the same time to enrich communication and information sharing, and - most important -- to accelerate speed-to-satisfaction," said Ringio Co-founder and Chairman Michael Zirngibl.
"By tapping into the cloud for customer data, we bring everything that's important about the caller to the top of your mind - in real time," he said. "As you take or make a call, you can draw upon the collective notes of everyone in your organization who has dealt with this person. This helps you to connect with customers much more efficiently, professionally and meaningfully than SMBs typically are able to do."
Ringio's intelligent call-routing technology, also part of the service, helps direct the caller to the right employee in the organization at the start. If he or she needs to transfer the caller to a colleague, the person handling the call can tell whether that co-worker is available at that moment. "This kind of real-time visibility also known as 'presence' resolves issues quickly, avoids dumping customers into what they call 'voice mail jail,' and produces well-informed, coordinated responses that close the sale or solve the caller's problem," Zirngibl added.
Ringio is launching the service's own integrated call-control and screen-pop client for the PC, Mac desktop or Linux. Through the client, users view and add to a growing company store of customer information about contacts as they handle calls. Ringio also automatically retrieves and synchronizes records built using Google's Contacts database, and plans are under way to integrate Ringio with Salesforce.com, the best known of hosted CRM packages, by later this summer.
The service will be provided directly to business customers through www.ringio.com ; pricing starts at $99 per month for four users, with additional users at $25 per month.

Backed by a group of angel investors, the new company is the brainchild of three co-founders and longtime colleagues with a track record of successful software innovations in the area of hosted IVR and call center technologies.
'Rich Calling' details
Users can accept or redirect incoming calls as they appear on the screen; Ringio then completes the call to the user's desired 10-digit phone number or sends it to voice mail. If users are not logged into the system, they can still receive calls on the Ringio number; in that case, an audio caller ID gives them the same screening options.
Ringio's intelligent call-routing functionality is being provided by Voxeo, a longtime platform host with an extensive history in IVR and convergent communications.
"Ringio clearly demonstrates the power of cloud communications to integrate hosted services from different providers," said Dan York, Voxeo's Director of Conversations. "By combining voice with presence and CRM systems on Voxeo's global, carrier-grade hosted platform, Ringio enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience."

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