Tandberg Enhances Movi, But Will Cisco Slam the Video Interoperability Door?

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Tandberg Enhances Movi, But Will Cisco Slam the Video Interoperability Door?

Videoconferencing is becoming more critical to businesses, especially with many enterprises employing remote teleworkers. As such, having high-quality HD video has become a requirement, as is the ability to simultaneously collaborate within the videoconferencing session.

Well, today, TANDBERG announced new advanced capabilities for Movi, its business-quality PC video solution. Movi offers the ability to share content, HD video, we well as full audio capabilities and centralized management. Movi's key new feature is the ability to share PC content with other session participants.

I'll just reiterate my concerns about Cisco recently acquiring Tandberg, where I thought perhaps Cisco could take Tandberg's various industry standards-solutions and make them closed/proprietary solutions. That would leave Polycom as the sole major player in the videoconferencing industry that fully adopts videoconferencing standards.
In any event, when Movi is used in combination with TANDBERG Video Communication Server, Movi enables any PC to become a business-quality video system that connects users to any other standards based H.323 and SIP video and telepresence system. Paired with the TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB camera, Movi enables high definition 720p 30fps video for a superb call experience. According to Tandberg, it can be deployed to thousands in minutes with TANDBERG's large scale provisioning solution and extends an enterprise's video network to enable cost-effective, easy-to-use video.

Movi helps ensure remote productivity and seamless enterprise mobility through real-time content sharing and contact presence functionality. The separate video and control interfaces coupled with the use of directories make access to real-time presence information for other Movi users and initiating a video call as simple as a mouse click. Interoperability with standards compliant multipoint control units ensures that Movi is not limited to single point-to-point connections like other PC-based solutions. It allows users to simultaneously connect with multiple users on different devices, optimizing call quality and experience for all.

It also sports picture-in-picture capabilities for content sharing and self view. Movi leverages TANDBERG's intelligent network features like firewall traversal, multipoint conferencing, recording and archiving, and the ability to connect with legacy ISDN services.

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