Is This a Surprise? Xbox 360 Tops the Xmas Charts

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Is This a Surprise? Xbox 360 Tops the Xmas Charts

Is anybody really surprised that the Xbox 360 outsold every other gaming console out there this holiday season?

That's the
report, and I'm not surprised.

What is surprising is how well the Wii did -- nearly matching the Xbox 360 sales totals.

Actually, when you talk to the gaming demo (local version), they love the Nintendo box because it offers a lot at at small (comparably) price, but they all have (or crave) the Xbox 360 for the power it offers.

What also seems to be working is that the Xbox 360 is backwards compatible the the plain vanilla Xbox so all of those Xbox games that cost lots of bucks when they came out can now be bought used for less than $10 -- and they look pretty snappy when upsized to Xbox 360 style.

Kudos to Microsoft for publishing on its web site the list of games that are compatible -- very handy to have when shopping.  Here's the link to the list.


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