miniSolitaire Goes Big Time

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miniSolitaire Goes Big Time

Everybody loves Solitaire (maybe even as much as poker) and now Red Mercury has released , the first full-featured, gadget-size solitaire card game for Microsoft Windows. Taking a cue from conveniently sized Windows gadgets, these new games are designed to easily integrate into your daily multitasking workflow.

As small as a credit card (and as thin as a photon), miniSolitaire fits nicely among other active desktop applications. Though small, miniSolitaire is densely packed with great game play features.

In fact, miniSolitaire introduces a new generation of mini-applications -- intuitive, useful programs that do not get in your way. Mini-applications are full featured, robust applications that launch quickly and exit quickly. The only thing mini is the graphical interface. And, if you want to make miniSolitaire big, you can resize it to be huge -- big enough to fill a 20-inch monitor and still look great.

  • Fun to play small. Cards are easy to read and moves are easy to execute no matter what size the game is played. The intellimove system has been specifically designed for mini-mode play.
  • Never gets in the way. miniSolitaire can be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen and when the game is not active, the game window gently fades away.
  • Instantly accessible. miniSolitaire launches instantly right where you left off and can be exited just as quickly enabling you to get back to other things. Every game played is automatically saved.

A full trial version of miniSolitaire can be downloaded free at Unlimited play can be purchased for $19.95. Freecell and Spider versions are also available on the website. All versions require Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

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