New Xbox 360 Guide Hot Off the Presses

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New Xbox 360 Guide Hot Off the Presses

It didn’t take long, but the first guidebook to the new Xbox 360 -- the must-have gadget of the season -- has rolled off the presses within days of the Microsoft product's launch.

“Xbox 360: A Complete Guide” (, complete with helpful tips and tricks, designed to serve as the ideal guide for helping gamers set up the Xbox 360 console, use the accessories and play the latest video games.

Written by technical writer, software engineer and old-school gamer Douglas Thompson, the book is made possible by the latest print-on-demand publishing technology, provided by Lulu ( Lulu is a website that lets anyone publish and sell their own book, at no up-front cost.

“Xbox 360: A Complete Guide” covers:

  • Setup and use of the Xbox 360
  • Use of the accessories
  • Networking to the Live service through wired (Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi, 802.11 A, B or G) connections
  • Standard and high definition TV connections, surround sound and stereo connections
  • Sharing music from MP3 players (iPod)
  • Sharing pictures from digital cameras and videos from Windows computers

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