PS3 Sales Go Soft: Trouble in Paradise

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PS3 Sales Go Soft: Trouble in Paradise

While we all take great interest in Sony's foibles, let's talk PS3 problems at the retail sale level spelling trouble for gaming companies, according to this report.

Let's face it. The game manufacturers love to develop a game and then sell it on different platforms -- PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, etc. (you get the picture).

But if one of these gaming console pillars (in this case PS3) doesn't blast off out of the box, guess what? the titles developed for that platform sit gathering dust on retailers' shelves.

What 's this mean to me? Maybe those game developers have to raise their prices even more (even more!) to recoup some of that lost investment, lay off staff, etc. -- just like regular businesses have to do when times are tough.

On the other hand, they could lower prices to stimuate sales on more popular platforms, hoping that increased volume will offset a little less revenue per sale. (Is this economics or what?)

As in some many things, only time will tell ...

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