Home Entertainment Is Counter-Cyclical

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Home Entertainment Is Counter-Cyclical

home entertainment.jpg A national survey, commissioned by Verizon, of 1,026 American adults has found that a majority (57%) plan to spend more time at home turning to their televisions instead of events outside the home during the economic crisis.

And while this would seem to indicate that American families are stinting on entertainment, in fact, the opposite may be true. Very curious indeed!

Recent advances in television technology have made "home enterstayment" a way for many families to stretch their entertainment dollars while increasing their entertainment options and time together.

"Staying at home no longer means your entertainment options are limited," said Shruti Joshi, director of marketing for Verizon. "As families continue to look for ways to manage their budgets, they're realizing that by staying home they actually have more choices, more control and more time together.

"For example, even in this economy, over the last two months, we see strong growth in FiOS TV video-on-demand sales."

Thanks to Advanced-Television.com.

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