How About 3D TV without the Funny Glasses?

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How About 3D TV without the Funny Glasses?

Now, this is interesting.

For the latest state-of-the-art TV viewing, let's go back a few decades when 3-D was the rage -- or at least something to draw folks into movie theaters.

In the "what is old is new again" column, Philips 3-D TVs are using tiny lenses over every subpixel to create a 3-D effect without the need for viewers to wear those funny glasses.

Spy Kids 3D anyone?

Philips is initially marketing the product to retailers who will create 3-D ads to get the attention of passing consumers, presumably a neat retail trick.

Get the full story in Wired, including the first-person report of the sensory sensation ...

If you can't wait, check out the 3D fun at DeepVision 3D.

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