How Low Can Blu-ray Go?

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How Low Can Blu-ray Go?

insignia 8777344_rc.jpgIf you've got any cash, this may be a truly wonderful season to buy all the gadgets you want -- it's list the Xmas shopping season isn't even waiting to Halloween this year (forget about Thanksgiving!).

Try this one on for size -- Best Buy is selling its proprietary Insignia brand Blu-ray Disc player for $199 (after a $30 in-store discount) -- more than 40% off the suggested retail price.

Industry observers have long considered a sub-$200 price point key to bridging the demarcation line separating early adopters from mainstream consumers.

The Profile 1.1 (NS-BRDVD) player, which includes $100 in discount coupons on select Blu-ray movies, has been viewed as a "conversation starter" designed to spark consumer interest in high-definition packaged media.

In addition, the price drop, less than six weeks before Black Friday, when retailers traditionally slash prices on select consumer products heading into the holiday shopping season, follows a move by Target, which last week bowed an Olevia-brand Profile 1.1 player for $229.

Analysts are surprised by the price cut since Blu-ray manufacturers have said it was not economically advantageous to go below $299, much less $200. However, we can now expect to see multiple $199 units with $20 rebates and free discs thrown in. 

But don't expect the $199 to be common; every retailer will want at least one model at that level, if only to seduce you into that section of the store.

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