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I Want MyTVPal.com

MyTVPal.com is the world's first 1080P HD streaming Video on Demand (VOD) and IPTV service for PC Player and IPTV receiver set top box (STB) clients.

(How about that description!)

The service starts with more than 700 free IPTV channels from more than 70 countries, including Standard Definition and HD channels to any broadband user with 1.5 Mb/sec speed or higher.

A wide range of VOD titles will be offered for a low monthly fee in the months to come with new TV channels and VOD titles being added each month. User-uploaded content and DVR features will be available as a software upgrade for PC and STB clients next year.

MyTVPal.com is targeting 10 million users over the next 5 years and is currently making its PC Player available for a free trial for those that register at www.MyTVPal.com.

(That's a good deal.)

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