Philips Bows Swappable Xbox 360-Like TV Faceplates

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Philips Bows Swappable Xbox 360-Like TV Faceplates

Flavors Philips NEWS-18419-4590e76a2e02dd5e0ba57e422bf2cfe9.jpg.113x113s.jpeg Philips has announced the launch of a range of swappable faceplates for its televisions. They will work in a similar way to the Xbox 360 and allow you to customize your television to match your décor.

Called "Flavors," the new flat high-gloss white TV will feature removable frames. The removable frames are available in a variety of colors and patterns that can be customized and taken on and off the front of the TV in a matter of seconds.

A matching Flavors home theater system also has interchangeable frames.

To match that white design you'll get white cables and even the remote control is in high-gloss white to match the "pure design" of the television.

As a final touch, the Flavors products come with a choice of on-screen menus that match the chosen design of the frames.

Flavors will initially only be available in Italy, however a spokesperson for the company has said that if successful we will see them in the UK.  

(And what about the U.S.?????)

More at Pocket Lint.

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