The World Is Becoming Flat

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The World Is Becoming Flat

It’s no surprise that TV sales continue to rise, with sales of flat panel TVs (including both LCD and plasma) more than doubling from last year as prices inexorably drop over time.  At the same time, sales of CRT TVs (what the CE industry is now calling “older model” TVs) dropped by 8%.  All of these figures are from DisplaySearch (, a leader in display market research, which tracks nearly 50 manufacturers in this product category.

What is a bit surprising are the top brands worldwide (by revenue):

  1. Samsung
  2. Panasonic
  3. Philips
  4. Sony
  5. LGE

The order gets juggled a bit when companies are ranked by number of units sold:

  1. Samsung
  2. LGE
  3. Philips
  4. TTE
  5. Sony

What’s notable here is the rise of Samsung to the top spot in both categories – a dramatic acknowledgement of how far that brand has come in just a couple of years.  Can they sustain it?  Quality vs. Price = Value = Sales (QvP=V=S); is that the success formula?

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