Actiontec's Skype Enabled Internet Phone Wizard

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Actiontec's Skype Enabled Internet Phone Wizard

Looks like Actiontec's long-awaited Skype-enabled Internet Phone Wizard is available. I literally just received this email:

Actiontec Electronics introduces the Internet Phone Wizard, a small hardware device that enables consumers to make and receive free or low-cost Internet phone calls from a regular phone using Skype Technologies’ Internet calling service. It is the first solution that allows the same phone to be used for both regular and Internet calls, avoiding the complications of needing separate handsets for each. Please let me know if you would like more information or would like a unit for review.

The email says "
Actiontec Electronics introduces the Internet Phone Wizard", but I believe this product was announced last month. Maybe they mean it's now officially launched and available for purchase. Anyway, I have an eval unit on order and I'll review it here as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here's an
overview from their website:

Put the telephone back in Internet telephony! The Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard combines the best of both worlds – the ease and convenience of your regular phone and the zero cost of Internet calls. Until now, you had to sit in front of your computer and wear uncomfortable headsets to make Internet calls. Or you had to choose between completely separate user experiences between using a regular phone or Internet phone. The Internet Phone Wizard with Skype makes all of these problems a thing of the past. Simply connect your computer to the Internet, pick up your phone,and begin dialing as you’ve always done - without any worry of a huge phone bill. The Internet Phone Wizard with Skype makes it easy and fun to call any Skype user in the world for free, and everyone else at low SkypeOut rates.

Key Benefits

Use Your Regular Phone to Make and Receive Internet Calls 
Making Internet phone calls is free and easy, but it is just too cumbersome to wear strange headsets and sit in front of your computer to talk. This is just the problem the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard solves. Instead of being restricted to unwieldy headsets or small microphones in front of the computer, now you can make Internet calls from anywhere with a cordless or regular phone. You’ll still be using the Skype service and an Internet connection for these calls, the only difference is that everything will be channeled through the phone instead of the computer speakers. Additionally, these Internet calls come with superior sound quality and convenience. They sound as good as regular calls with the Internet Phone Wizard’s echo-cancellation technology and excellent voice quality.

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