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AOL VoIP Review

I don't have AOL as my ISP, so I figured I'd link to the first review I have seen of AOL's new Internet VoIP service. This AOL VoIP review was written by Edward Baig of USA Today. He breaks out the pricing options as follows:

AOL members can choose among three pricing options. A local-oriented monthly calling plan costs $13.99 for three months, $18.99 thereafter. You get unlimited local and regional calls. Long-distance calls to the USA and Canada cost 4 cents a minute. There's also a $24.99-a-month unlimited long-distance plan that climbs to $29.99 after the introductory three-month period. (AT&T) charges the same price for its CallVantage plan.)
A $29.99 AOL global plan ($34.99 after the promo ends) provides unlimited long-distance and low overseas rates. Examples: 2 cents a minute to Britain, 27 cents to Iraq.

Included with AOL VoIP service is a kit with software, a Quick Start Guide, an Ethernet cable and a terminal adapter. According to USA Today there is a temporary promotion whereby AOL members who sign up for VoIP get a free wireless home network base station.

Some interesting features worth noting. AOL's VoIP service has a piece of software called the Dashboard, which is an online control panel in which you can view a log of incoming and outgoing calls and set preferences. Parents can prevent outbound long-distance and international calls or block certain incoming numbers from a child's account.

Now here's a pretty cool feature - according to the article, on an incoming call, an onscreen window opens in AOL, indicating the caller's number and name, if known. This info will also be shown on a Caller-ID capable phone, if capable. Then from the Dashboard software you can choose to take the call on the phone or on the PC, if so equipped with a headset or USB phone. Alternatively, you can ignore it, send it to voicemail, or forward the call to a wireless phone.

The AOL VoIP service review titled "Despite kinks, AOL's new Internet phone service worth try" lists several other features, so it's worth checking out.

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