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This is probably yet another case of patent extortion by someone that probably steals someone else's idea but patents it first. I still can't believe Amazon was able to patent the "1 click" purchasing a few years ago. I'm going to see if I can patent "air" since no one has been issues a patent on "air" yet. (I looked it up). Then everyone can pay me $1 per day for the privilege of breathing my "air" and using my patented idea. Can you tell I am anti-patent extortionists?

Here's the scoop... Klausner Technologies, Inc., founded by Judah Klausner, announced today that it has filed suit against Time Warner subsidiary AOL for patent infringement, with patent damages and royalties estimated at $200 million. Granted Judah is considered by some to be the father of the PDA (U.S. Patent 4,117,542). Klausner, a music major, graduated from New York University in 1973 and partnered with Hotto also at NYU, who was a senior and physics major. Together the two earned a patent that many believe started the PDA. (Click here for more details on the history of the PDA)

In any event, the lawsuit asserts that AOL's voice services platform, which include AOL Voicemail, AOL Call Alert, AOL by Phone and AOL VOIP Internet Phone Service infringe Klausner Technologies U.S. Patent. 5,572,576.

Klausner Technologies, Inc. owns over 20 patents worldwide covering voice services which allow for remote retrieval of selected voice messages via the Internet or wireless networks from a visual display.

AOL is charged with violating Klausner's intellectual property rights by offering services in which subscribers receive visual notification of new voice messages, including caller identifying information, and can selectively retrieve voice messages using their displays.

The suit has been filed by the California law firm of Dovel & Luner in a federal court in Virginia, AOL's home base. "Because of the fast-paced docket in the Eastern District of Virginia, we expect a quick resolution of the matter and the prompt issuance of an injunction that will stop AOL from using this patented technology," said Greg Dovel of Dovel & Luner, counsel for Klausner Technologies.

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