Applied Global Technologies Releases Fathom

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Applied Global Technologies Releases Fathom

Quick release to share about a new IP Video analysis solution ...


New version allows for localized monitoring to isolate potential H.323 problems

Rockledge, FL – January 20, 2005 - Applied Global Technologies, proven experts in IP collaboration technologies and solutions, announces the release of FATHOM version 3.0 and the extension of network monitoring beyond firewalls. By moving the monitoring to the distributed architecture, FATHOM is able to measure network performance for different subnets, firewall systems and disparate networks. The localized monitoring provides for "Fault Isolation" – accurately determining if a failure is resulting from an endpoint or the network.

The FATHOM collaboration Analyzer (c/A) technology, originally released in February 2004, is an innovative AGT network analysis tool. It measures network capacity and capability to support H.323 audio and video traffic at the desired quality and quantity. The new version also monitors end point status. Customers utilize FATHOM to pre-engineer their video networks, troubleshoot current networks and to monitor networks and endpoints. Through the use of FATHOM tools, organizations increase connectivity reliability.

"The FATHOM platform is based on diskless embedded processor technology, providing for reliability in the field and protecting against drive failure," stated Ben Atha, Chief Technical Officer, Applied Global Technology. "With new single port communication architecture, FATHOM provides a simple way to distribute network analysis and monitoring across a multilayered enterprise network."

Until today’s release of version 3.0, FATHOM was utilized exclusively within AGT’s Managed Services. However, with this new release, FATHOM is available for sale as a stand-alone product package and is available to end users, resellers and integrators. The FATHOM c/A technology includes the FATHOM Commander and FATHOM Analyzer 1000 devices in addition to the FATHOM Command Console software.

The basic package, which monitors up to 30 end points and related network performance, includes: FATHOM COMMANDER Device, COMMANDER CONSOLE Software, User Manual, necessary cables and hard shell travel case. It lists for $54,500.

Additional monitoring is available through the purchase of the FATHOM ANALYZER 1000 at a cost of $19,500 per device. Each ANALYZER 1000 device adds the ability to test and monitor from an additional network location while also adding 30 additional end points to the monitoring capability. The FATHOM ANALYZER 1000 is controlled by the FATHOM COMMANDER.

"The new FATHOM architecture allows greater flexibility in managing more complex and decentralized domains, including video networks that span both managed service provider and client infrastructure," stated Mark Bearden, PhD, Project Director, Applied Global Technologies. "I am pleased with the functionality of this version and I believe customers will be as well."

For more information on the FATHOM product, please contact AGT at 321-638-2007 or

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