Astricon, Win $100, and Party Hardy at ITEXPO

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Astricon, Win $100, and Party Hardy at ITEXPO

didxchange-logo.jpgCame across DIDx (DIDXchange) CEO Suzanne Bowen's blog today, where she mentions that DIDXchange is sponsoring the Code Zone Reception on Tues PM Sept 23 at Astricon and also "giving a lightning talk with some of you on DIDX and IAX2."

astricon.jpgShe includes a sign up link to, but the link doesn't work.

Anyway, she's offering an interesting survey with the chance to win a $100 gas card or $100 American Airlines voucher.
"Whether you are using IAX2 or SIP or both, please reply to this survey asap. Just copy the Qs and paste them to me on email or on Facebook message with your name, company, if you have a DIDX account ... include that number, cell phone and email for contacting. Each person who uses IAX2, SIP, or a combination AND also DIDX who answers this survey fully with complete contact information to me on Facebook or my regular email will be entered in a drawing for $100 gas card or a $100 American Airlines voucher."

Considering it's $15 per checked bag, and $100 per piece for the 3rd, 4th and 5th checked bags, this $100 voucher won't get you very far if you're a heavy packer. Nevertheless, the $100 voucher will offset some of the costs to attend Astricon, which takes place September 23-25th in Arizona.

So what's the survey? Here's the questions:

- do you use IAX2, SIP, a combination, or other? please describe.
- what is the efficiency gain or loss from using IAX2 if you use it?
- how do your IAX2 vs. SIP customers differ in QoS, call setup time, complaints, etc.
- what roadblocks has IAX2 helped you overcome?
- what roadblocks has IAX2 introduced?
- other issues relevant to you and your customer/vendor's use of Asterisk and IAX2

itexpo-logo.jpg In the same blog post Suzanne mentions a DIDx-sponsored party at Internet Telephony Expo taking place September 16th-18th. Ya know, I didn't realize how close Astricon and ITEXPO were. Astricon is more "niche" since it is Asterisk-focused while ITEXPO covers all IP communications including Asterisk, but I would have liked to have seen Astricon and ITEXPO co-located. One less trip for me to the West Coast and the two shows are very complementary. I should go talk to Rich Tehrani about trying to partner with Astricon in for future events. (though I do see we are a media sponsor at Astricon)

In any event, Suzanne writes:
Sept 16-18, 2008, Internet Telephony West 2008, Los Angeles, CA
Sign up at for free expo plus passes and discounts on conference passes. See past videos and pictures of past ITWest conferences at!

DIDX is a media sponsor of ITWest 2008 and an exhibitor at booth 153. Please respond with your name, email address, cell phone and DIDX account number if you'd like to meet up for a business development meeting, just for you. Watch for another email about the DIDXchange party during ITWest 2008!
Cool,  I like parties. Am I invited?

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