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Atinav VoIP News

I've seen demos of Atinav's VoIP products and they work quite well. Figured I'd share their latest news...

aveComm 3.2 Offers Integrated Audio Conferencing, Providing a Scalable Bridge of Combined Telephone and/or PC Participants and Many New and Enhanced Features

New York, N.Y.---OCT 5, 2004--- Atinav, a leading provider of Internet-based and wireless solutions for workplace communication, messaging and collaboration, today announced the release of aveComm 3.2, their award-winning web-based “Unified Messaging, Communication and Collaboration” solution. aveComm, now celebrating its 4th year of availability, offers many features and functionality, including: Application Sharing, Document Collaboration, Remote Desktop Control, Session Record/Playback, Whiteboard, Instant Messaging, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), IP Telephony, File Transfer and much more.

aveComm 3.2 delivers a myriad of functionality, highlighted with an integrated and advanced audio conference bridge, allowing individuals to host an unlimited number of simultaneous audio conferences, with an unlimited number of participants. Additionally, these participants can join these conferences from any telephone or PC, with any form of Internet connectivity, even low-bandwidth. Available immediately as an integrated component of aveComm 3.2 or as a standalone solution, aveConference is a unique and powerful software solution.

“We are very excited about aveComm 3.2 and are especially grateful to our dedicated customer-base for all of their suggestions to making aveComm the most capable solution of its kind on the market,” said Glenn Platkin, Vice President of Atinav.

Some of the functionality added in aveComm 3.2 include:
- Scalable Audio Bridge & Conferencing
- Linux Server
(combining Telephone and/or PC participants)
- Linux, Java, non-Java Desktop applications
- Polling - Extending Help
- Friends List
- Localization
- Audio Tuning Wizard
- Enhanced Conference Administrator Functions
- Usage Reporting / Statistics and Billing
- Advanced System Admin Functions

Platkin went on to say, “aveComm 3.2 is the most feature-rich release we have had in the four years that aveComm has been available.” With localization, Global 1000 enterprise clients can deploy aveComm globally and have aveComm automatically display in the local language, even languages with double-byte character sets. aveComm is not only accessible from any web browser, but can now also be downloaded as a desktop-resident application in Linux, Java, non-Java or as a CE-based application for PocketPC’s (Pocket aveComm).

aveComm 3.2 also extends the already existing Software Developer’s Kit ( SDK). “We have always prided ourselves on the unique design of our technology, being built upon a development platform. Since our first release, aveComm has always been attractive to OEMs and software developers wishing to seamlessly integrate our JAVA components into any new/existing applications,” Platkin added.

aveComm not only offers the most flexible solution of its kind, from a technology standpoint, but also offers the most accommodating licensing available. aveComm may be licensed on a cost-effective subscription model with “aveComm-As-A-Service,” providing small and medium-sized businesses with a hosted solution; “aveComm-On-Premises” provides Global 1000 organizations with unsurpassed security, performance, scalability, integration and control by allowing on-site hosting; and lastly for medium to large organizations, light on resources, “aveComm-In-A-Box” provides the benefits of on-premises hosting, with ease of entry of a hosted service.

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