ATS DECT 6.0 cordless VoIP phones

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ATS DECT 6.0 cordless VoIP phones

Tomorrow, American Telecom Services, Inc. (ATS) will announce the release of its first DECT 6.0 cordless multi-handset Internet phone. The master units (E6501) are expected to retail at a sub $50 mark (likely $49.99) and the extensions (E6502) will each retail for sub $30 (likely $29.99).

The E6501 includes ATS’ patent-pending Digital Clear functionality and is expandable to up to five total handsets.  ATS claims this is the first cordless phone to use DECT technology that integrates a router and a SIP VoIP platform in the charging base of the master cordless phone unit. Uniden makes a cordless phone system, which I recently reviewed - the UIP1869V, that supports SIP, but it's not DECT and its locked to Vonage, so the ATS phone system is the first cordless phone system (DECT or otherwise) that is an open SIP system to use with any VoIP provider that provides you with SIP credentials. Nice thing about that is if you change VoIP providers you aren't left with a "bricked" phone system.

The ATS E6501 and E6502 will be sold by American Telecom under the ATS brand bundled with service through major retailers (online and offline) in the U.S. They are not announcing which service providers and/or retailers will be carrying it at this time, however if you look closely in the photo you can see SunRocket displayed, a well-known VoIP service provider. The phones will also be available wholesale to service providers who wish to distribute them through their own channels.
Basic specs are as follows:

  • DECT 6.0 communication with a range of more than 650 feet
  • Expandable design up to 5 total handsets
  • Integrated adapter and router
  • SIP compliant VoIP platform
  • LCD display
  • Page/locator button on base
  • Intercom between handsets
  • Speakerphone on all handsets
  • Headset jack on all handsets
  • 60 number phone book
  • Auto answer
  • 10 hours of talk time
  • 10 selectable ring tones
  • Hearing aid compatible

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