AT&T and D-Link ink VoIP deal

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AT&T and D-Link ink VoIP deal


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AT&T and D-link have inked a deal with AT&T. Engineers have worked closely with AT&T to implement Quality of Service (QoS) for more reliable connections and sound quality.Through this joint engineering effort with AT&T, D-Link became the first company to meet AT&T's stringent specifications and was recently named a charter member of AT&T's VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program. According to the release, they are "Focused on driving the QoS for VoIP, D-Link's engineers worked diligently with AT&T to deliver the ability to adjust upload bandwidth as needed by intelligently analyzing voice over data packets to insure real-time delivery per AT&T specifications."

It's always a good thing when major broadband home router companies such as D-Link or LinkSys implement QoS into their routers. This will help better and improve the end-user's VoIP experience. Let's just hope D-Link doesn't pull a LinkSys and offer "exclusive" deals to a single VoIP broadband provider. In case you hadn't heard, SIPPhone sued Vonage over their exclusive deal with LinkSys. While I rooted for SIPPhone since I am all for openness, the lawsuit probably has little merit. Partnerships is just as much a part of capitalism as is openness. Still, I hope the major broadband router companies don't lock themselves into exclusive partnerships. The most successful VoIP companies will be those that are "open" and not those that try and protect their "turf".

In any event, here's the full release:
D-Link and AT&T Work Together to Implement Advanced Technologies in VoIP

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