AT&T CallVantage Numbers Disappoint

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AT&T CallVantage Numbers Disappoint

If you read my blog, then you know that AT&T has been very guarded about it's AT&T CallVantage customer numbers. Skibare has emailed me several times asking if I knew AT&T's CallVantage's numbers. Since I'm always busy doing something (testing VoIP products, blogging, traveling), I didn't have time to research it myself, but I told Skibare to check out AT&T's SEC filing. I don't think they broke out the VoIP numbers last time. Well, according to CNet, they did break the VoIP numbers out and they aren't pretty - only 53,000 subscribers. Put in perspective of Vonage's 568,000 subscribers and this is yet more proof that being "first" in a particular market niche is more important than being the best. AT&T CallVantage claims a better feature-set than Vonage, but again, it's not who's best, but who's first. Still, there are plenty of VoIP competitors are nipping at Vonage's heels. So being "first" is only an advantage for so long... Lest we forget, the tortoise (late out of the gate) eventually beat the hare (first out of the gate).

Nevertheless, AT&T is a strong & reputable company and quickly gaining ground on Vonage, which has their own share of problems (i.e. Verizon vs. Vonage patent lawsuit).

Check out the CNet story: AT&T Net phone disappoints | CNET

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