AT&T CallVantage Outage

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AT&T CallVantage Outage

I meant to blog the AT&T CallVantage outage this morning, but wanted to confirm some info with one of my sources first.

Apparently, this past Thursday (1/13/2005), AT&T CallVantage experienced an outage in at least Virginia and parts of New Jersey that lasted 6 hours or more. When a CallVantage user emailed them, AT&T responded that there is inclement weather in Kansas City which knocked out the system causing the CallVantage outage.

When you called AT&T to report the problem you received a message that because of the weather they were out and expected to have all service restored by 11:00pm (not mentioning what time zone).

Yes, these are the growing pains of VoIP. What's interesting is I haven't seen any news reports of this AT&T CallVantage outage like the "storm" of news reports when Vonage experienced a major outage.

Wonder why that is?

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