AT&T forms VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program

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AT&T forms VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program

AT&T announced a VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program - kinda reminds me of the TMC Labs Innovation Awards which covers innovative VoIP and call center products.

Andy Abramson's VoIPWatch has some comments on this here you should go check out:

Here's a snippet of the release:
AT&T today announced a VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program designed to stimulate and foster the development, delivery and adoption of new applications, capabilities and devices to serve the needs of businesses and consumers utilizing AT&T's vast VoIP portfolio of services.

The program is based on proprietary specifications created by AT&T that have allowed, and will continue to allow, select vendors to test applications and equipment against these specifications to ensure compatibility with AT&T VoIP services as the company pursues the next generation of communication. To date, a number of industry leaders representing application developers, equipment and device manufacturers, and silicon manufacturers have been invited to work with AT&T to deliver new capabilities that will shape and scale the emerging VoIP market.

"Our vision is to stimulate the development of a broad spectrum of VoIP-enabled devices from chipsets, software and Telephone Adapters to a range of products such as corded and cordless telephones, Wi-Fi phones, game consoles, set-top boxes, routers, modems, PBXs and ACD systems," said Cathy Martine, AT&T senior vice president for Internet Telephony. "By working with developers and manufacturers, we will be able to deliver the benefits of IP-based telephony to businesses and consumers faster and more cost-effectively."

AT&T Labs oversees the technical aspects of the program and has been diligently working with select vendors on a variety of interoperability initiatives including working with:

silicon providers to incorporate AT&T-certified and licensed VoIP functionality into their chip/software designs and reference platforms;
equipment designers and manufacturers to embed AT&T CallVantageSM Service technical specifications into the manufacturing process for telephone adapters, consumer devices and new converged products;
the world's top IP PBX and VoIP infrastructure providers to ensure interoperability with AT&T services, giving businesses unprecedented choice in migrating to VoIP technology.

For the full release, go here:
AT&T News Release, 2004-09-21, AT&T Forms 'VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program'

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